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4. Eligibility

The great white whale!

The bulk of the work that comes out of the Compliance office is processing eligibility.

Its a system that utilizes collaboration and communication between students, coaches, the NAIA and OUAZ.

The premise of eligibility:

Every student enters every semester as a not-eligible student until we prove them eligible by certifying their eligibility.


Every student must have all three of these in order to participate in any contest.

Without all three, the student is considered NOT-ELIGIBLE


The Process:

Any new student to OUAZ needs to following this timeline.

Remember first time eligibility takes weeks to months, not days to hours so be sure to encourage your student's to start this process early!


The Eligibility Roster:

This is the Director of Compliance's workspace made available to you!

The eligibility roster is my workspace made available to you for collaboration, a second set of eyes, and as an educational resource for your understanding.

  • IT IS...

    • focused on internal determinations, not PlayNAIA profiles.

    • how the DOC provides information for you to communicate with students

    • a place where you can see who has completed their check sheet

    • a place where you can write in notes for yourself or for the DOC (Column A, “Coach’s Notes”)

    • where you can find information for completing your end of Year/ROA projection.

  • IT IS NOT...

    • updated automatically, all data listed is entered manually by the DOC.

    • a determination of eligibility, information, and status can change based on reviews or new information.

    • the only place that you can find the most updated information about a student’s status or progress.

    • an eligibility certificate, and should not be used to understand if a student is eligible to participate or not.

    • primarily for you coaches. It is my workspace, but I share it with you to collaborate and protect each other. I expect you to do your own review and compare your findings to mine.

    • TO BE SHARED WITH ANYONE WHO IS NOT AN OUAZ EMPLOYEE. Allowing students, parents or anyone who is not legally an OUAZ employee is a violation of FERPA law.



Fee Waivers:

  • For any student who qualifies for a fee waiver exception, waivers are submitted to financial aid every Tuesday by 10:00 am

  • Fee waivers are submitted to the NAIA through regular mail so please allow a week or so to see any change on the student’s profile

Transcripts Uploads

  • For any student who requires OUAZ transcripts to be sent to the NAIA, they are requested from the registrar's office every Tuesday by 11:00 am

  • Student’s must have an incomplete task on their profile, must have accepted the shortlist request and must have earned hours at OUAZ for one semester or term.

  • DO NOT request transcripts from the Registrar directly.

Dual Sport Participation

  • Requests to participate in two programs either within a term or an academic year must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the first contest of the secondary sport.

  • The approval process must be completed prior to the student competing in the secondary sport and must be completed every academic year the student intends to participate.

12-Hour Senior Exceptions

  • Senior exceptions are not automatically given to student-athletes. Students must request the use of a 12-hour enrollment exception by completing the request on the OUAZCompliance website.

Urgency Requests

  • If you have a student who we would like to submit an request for urgency with the NAIA because of factors outside of the student's control, Coaches should send an email to the DOC with the Student's Name, NAIA I.D. Number, & Reason for Urgency


PlayNAIA: Shortlist and How to Find Information


MyOttawa: Transcripts and How to Find Educational Information



Timeline and Deadlines:

What coaches need to review when signing:SPACE FOR VIDEO



The final piece of the puzzle and the most necessary.

Student's are ONLY eligible to compete when they hear their name read out loud from the completed certificate by a member of OUAZ athletic administration.
  • It is the responsability of the coach to schedule the meeting with all coaches, all players, and the DOC.

  • The meeting needs to occur after the certificate is complete and before the contest.


  • For any addendums that are processed, a confirmation meeting must take place with the student-athlete and a coach with the Director of Compliance.

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