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7. Scholarships/EOY Report


Our internal policy for tracking scholarship limits is an average based system.

  • For all the scholarships you offer, the average number of those scholarships needs to remain below a set number.

  • There is no limit to the number of scholarships you can offer.


The NAIA has a set number of full scholarships that cannot be exceed during a single season.

  • The number of full scholarships that the NAIA limits can be referenced in the NAIA handbook specific to your sport.

  • The calculation includes all monies scholarshipped to the student subtracted by any academic exemptions that a student qualifies for.

    • All monies that the student receieves from the University are used in the calculation.

The End of the Year (EOY) or the Return on Athletics (ROA) Report

We are required every year to provide a completed report to the NAIA.

  • This report shows the scholarship money utilized by each team.

  • It shows the exemptions that each student received based on academic performance

There are two reviews that coaches need to complete:

  • PROJECTION: Prior to the regular season/in the fall each coach should complete the exemptions for each student as well as what they think each student will do for seasons of competition.

  • FINALIZATION: After the season has been completed, the coach should review competition and adjust any exemptions if needed.

Watch this video to see where to find the information and how to complete the form:

All of the information will be reviewed and verified by the DOC, but it is your responsability to collaborate.

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