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3. Schedules

Submisions, changes, weeks, and how to get it approved!


The LOI Roster!

a.k.a. Brittney's Google Sheet

Click on the tab on the google sheet to get to the form:



During the academic year (August 1 through May 15), each program can only participate in practice and competitions for 24 weeks.

  • Weeks start on Monday at 12 am and end on Sunday at 11 :59 pm.

  • Only three breaks are permitted after your first week.

  • Varsity and Reserve teams observe the same weeks; each team does not get its own 24-week schedule.

  • Post-season participation (and specific practice) does not count toward your 24 weeks.

  • You can change your weeks at any time during the year, but please submit changes before the weeks referenced.

  • This form is where you select and designate your reserve team:

    • FLUID: Players can move between Varsity and reserve teams at any point of the season.

    • FIXED: Players rarely move between Varsity and reserve teams.

    • None: No reserve team this year

This form only needs to be emailed to the DOC. It does not need to be sent through Eversign for signatures.


Schedule Submissions

The sooner you can submit a schedule is always better! It helps prioritize eligibility so that each team can play on time.

  • If you have 80% of your schedule set, submit it! We can add and change as you finalize.

  • All schedules must be exported as a pdf from the LOI Roster Google Sheet and sent through Eversign for all signatures. Use the template in Eversign.

  • The schedule is not approved until all signatures appear on the form.

The minimum amount of time required to process eligibility:

  • Depending on your sport, you may have a limit of dates, contests, or events. Pay attention to the count on the form's right side to ensure you stay below your limit.

  • Use the filter to organize your inputs, do NOT add or move rows.

  • Your reserve team will also need a schedule submitted through Eversign for signatures as well.


Schedule Changes

Changes to your schedule include additions, deletions, and revisions.

  • Additions: added contests not currently on your approved schedule

  • Deletions: removing contests that are on your approved schedule

  • Revisions: changing information that is on your approved schedule

Games cannot be retroactively changed to scrimmages, and scrimmages cannot be changed after the fact to countable games.

Until all signatures are on the change form, the game does not exist and cannot be played.


Watch this video to see how to edit each form and use eversign:

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